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Home and Home Office Computer Security Articles

A repository of helpful articles on home and home office computer security, personal privacy, and mitigating identity theft written by our staff.

Office Equipment

A comprehensive article on home paper shredders along with our recommendations. (updated)

How to lubricate a paper shredder - in case your paper shredder instructions are missing this very important maintenance tip.


Article on how to stop telemarketer phone calls and scams.

Article on how to stop junk mail from its many sources.

A comprehensive article on residential locking mailboxes along with our recommendations.

Changing phone number - before changing your phone number, do some due diligence

Be your own identity theft monitor takes a little legwork but is worth it.

Safe blogging for teenagers - there are several things parents and their teen can do to have a safe blogging environment.

Outside the Home

Gas station skimmers - careful at the gas station with your debit card

Tips on using public computers safely


Free Online Scanners - Scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malware with these online scanners. A great supplement to your current antivirus and malware software.

2 factor authentication - much more secure way to login to sensitive areas

Additional security options can significantly reduce the chances of someone getting your login credentials.

Email address harvest - how spammers get your email address.

Choose a good password for your needs.

Article with ideas and recommendations on how to stop spam.

Article on computer backup strategies for the home and home office.

Recommendations on preventing your laptop from getting stolen.


Buying ringtones safely - bottom line: read the fine print.


Prepare for a disaster before it is too late.