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Lubricate a Paper Shredder

Lubricate the cutters

The paper shredder's manual should outline a way to lubricate the paper shredder but if not, here is a generic way:
Take a sheet of paper and spread shredder oil in a zigzag motion all over the paper. The paper does not have to soak in the oil. Then run the oiled paper through the shredder. Run a few sheets afterward to clean up excess lubricant.
Another method is to apply the oil directly on the cutting heads through the throat (where the paper is fed in). Next run a paper almost all the way through then reverse it for a few seconds to distribute the oil.
For either method, run a few additional pieces of paper through to clear out excessive oil.

Oil the cutters about every half hour of use but a good rule of thumb is when the basket is full of shreds.

Only use oil specified for a paper shredder since it is formulated to not attract dust and build up residue in the cutting heads. Do not use 3 in 1 oil or a spray lubricant - you are asking for trouble.

Clean the cutters

Keep the cutters free of paper, glue, and dust.