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Personal Privacy Tips

We have compiled a list of excellent tips on maintaining you and your family's privacy in everyday life.

Around the House

  1. Get and use a good home paper shredder
  2. Invest in a locking mailbox
  3. Lock up valuable papers and statements.
  4. Do not leave passwords and other sensitive information out. Burglars would love it!
  5. Shred old documents with a good paper shredder.
  6. Turn off your garage door opener when you go to bed.
  7. Take your name off your mailbox.

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Stop Junk Mail

  1. Read about how to stop junk mail with detailed tips.
  2. Write or register online to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) opt-out.
  3. Write to list brokers and tell them you want to be removed.
  4. If you do business with a company, ask them to not distribute your information.

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Telemarketers and Telephone Privacy

  1. Read in depth on how to stop telemarketers and phone scams.
  2. Beware of international area code scams. Check the area code before calling back - it may be a pay per call (you will get no notification if it is).
  3. Do not put your phone number on a warranty card.
  4. Get listed on the national do-not-call registry.
  5. Opt out of credit card application phone calls.
  6. Consider getting an unlisted telephone number.
  7. Note that when you dial a toll-free number the other party can see your phone number even if you have it blocked.
  8. Put *67 in front of your telephone number you dial so it will not show up on the other party's caller id. This does not work for toll-free calls.

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