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Ways to Stop Pharming

Browser Links

Another dangerous problem is a form of browser hijacking called pharming. This is where a malicious program takes over your browser and redirects it to other sites. One such scenario is you type in (or from your favorites) your bank URL. Instead of going to your bank, it is redirected to an evil twin bank page. When you type in your userid and password it is on the nefarious website rather than your banks. Antispyware programs are designed to detect these kinds of programs.

Sometimes the bank URL you typed in *does* go to your bank but a popup screen asks for personal information. Legitimate sites do not ask for information this way. A good popup blocker will help mitigate this problem.

Turn On IE7 Phishing Filter

Internet explorer 7 has a phishing filter which will help detect dishonest websites.

Tools > Phishing Filter > Turn On Automatic Website Checking