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Operating System Security Details

Update Windows

Update Windows with the latest security patches by using Windows update. Currently Microsoft issues its updates on the second Tuesday of the month; unless it is very critical.
Launch internet explorer (IE) then Tools > Windows Update
   At least apply the critical patches.

In Windows XP service pack 2, Microsoft combined Windows update and Office update calling it Microsoft update. It can be launched without opening IE.

start>All Programs>Microsoft Update

Windows can be set up to remind you or even automatically update your computer with critical fixes.

Control panel>security center>Manage security settings for: Automatic updates.

Disable or rename the administrator account

The administrator account, which gives power to do anything on your computer, cannot be deleted. Since the default name of the account is "administrator", hackers know that - all they have to do is guess the password. One option is to rename the account while another is to disable it.

Do not disable the admin account until at least one other account on your system has administrator privileges. Once you have another account with administrator details, disable the administrator account.