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Email Security Tips

Close Preview Pane

Some dangerous messages need only be opened in your e-mail program's preview window to do their dirty work (because they render HTML email messages). That's why we recommend that you close the preview pane in all of your inboxes.

File Extensions

Make sure you can see all file extensions from explorer. Windows 2000 and XP turn this off by default. Some viruses masquerade as a harmless file, such as a cartoon, and add .exe at the end of it: 'cartoon.jpg.exe'. The exe would be hidden and if you clicked on cartoon.jpg.exe the virus would be unleashed.

Open Windows Explorer or any folder window and click Tools > Folder Options > View. Ensure that the option 'Hide file extensions for known file types' is unchecked.

View Attachments Safely

Attachments can be viewed safely without opening the email in most email readers.

Automated Responses

If you set your email to automatically generate a response (such as you are out of the office) this will verify your email address is valid to every spammer that sends you an email.