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Computer Updates Tips

Most likely, a new computer does not have all the updates applied to it. The operating system and individual programs probably have updates available. After the computer is attached to internet, manually get all the critical updates for the operating system. Microsoft currently posts updates on the second Tuesday of each month.

Windows can be configured to update itself automatically or alert you when an update is available. We like to set it to alert before downloading. If you choose to automatically download updates, the computer sometimes is sluggish if the download is large.

Sometimes it is good to manually start a Windows update (choose custom update) because there can be several noncritical updates available and hardware updates, too.

Windows can be manually updated by launching internet explorer then Tools>Windows Update.

Update the Computer's BIOS

Every computer has a bios. Most likely, the manufacturer has updated it (it is a computer program) and is available, along with instructions, from its website.